An original intimate illustrated story for young teens about a girl who deals with everyday issues related to the power relations between the sexes and the social order in school.
The story deals with the confusion and storm of emotions that takes place in the head of the main protagonist in a very short period of time which allows ground for honest conversation with teenagers around those familiar issues.

Conversation Cards


A deck of storytelling cards, which encourage independent construction of different narratives. The variety and openness of the format allow us to connect the cards and create a wide range of stories.
The stories allow us to take the thoughts out of ourselves and the ideas that occupy us almost without us being aware of it. Similar to writing as a therapeutic tool, an oral storytelling can also allow for venting and relief.

Identity Dressing Dolls

A set of cardboard characters and a variety of cutout clothes that allow further immersion in stories by dressing the characters and playing with them non-narratively. By measuring different fashion items, the girls and boys can 'try on' different identities, including gender and cultural diversity. It is possible to connect all the clothes and accessories to each of the characters, without reference to 'girls clothes' or 'boys clothes'.
This game relies on the children's natural desire to dress up and give way to natural curiosity.

My little ice cream girl


An original book containing a collection of letters to my little daughter (letters she will never read) alongside illustrations showing her in her daily life and drawings she has created.
The book deals with the anxiety built into my motherhood ,the fear of being a woman raising a girl, a woman who was once a girl and understands that her girl will be a woman some day.
This is a very personal book about parenting from a place of gender trauma.

Jerusalem jungle

Commissioned work for the Jerusalem city hall.

Botanical watercolour


Black line illustration

screen and engraved metal prints